American Collectors - a film about people who collect things

Directors: Bob Ridgley and Terri Krantz

Most of us know someone who collects—30% of Americans do—and we love
them anyway. But what drives obsessions such as this? That is the
beating heart and prime directive of this verité documentary that

examines the relationship between people and their objet du désir.
From rock band KISS memorabilia to antique axes, from bobble heads to a giant
ball of string, each collector tells their story, and each
fascinating tale cumulatively suggests that our proclivity to collect
   often means more than meets the eye. Filmmaking team

Terri Krantz and Bob Ridgley stay
admirably restrained as they artfully explore this entertaining topic
and its cast of colorful characters.
2009. USA. 62 min. Unrated.






Ball of String

Cowboy Guitar Collector

Antique Purses

Antique Cars

Doll Collector

Axe Man

                                 American Collectors Trailer